11 tips for a successful office fit-out

So, you’re an expert in your industry. You know how much things cost and more importantly who to trust. But, as is often the case with office fit-out projects, if you’re the internal key stakeholder you may not be well versed in office fit-out, after all, it isn’t your day job. You’re then left with a few options. You either dig deep and learn on the job, enrol onto a relevant part-time evening course or you bring in the professionals!

With this in mind, a principal contractor should be tasked with guiding you through the process of costing and implementing the design and build project. As a responsible principal contractor, we (Amarelle) understand that we’re in a position of trust and it’s our responsibility to guide you down the right path and in the right way.

As with most industries, there are tiers with regards to quality and price. Getting the right balance can sometimes be tricky as in every aspect of life, there will always be a budget or premium option so it’s about getting the right ratio. There are variable ways of costing a project but it’s the long term cost that matters most.

Call it idealism, but it isn’t just about the price. It’s about the journey and working with people you’d be happy to introduce to your friends. Relationships are important in business and it all comes back to building honest and mutually beneficial partnerships, a philosophy that runs through the core of Amarelle. We pride ourselves on a fair wage, fair profit philosophy which allows the whole supply chain to benefit from every project we manage. We have confidence in saying that we’re extremely cost effective in terms of quality and service and have the testimonials to prove it.

When entering into a relationship with a contractor you need to have faith in them to deliver the vision that’s been set out and agreed. Are they going to be responsive and flexible to change during the course of the contract and during the planning process? Are there any hidden costs? Will they design what you want, and not what they want? Will they listen? Do they provide good and responsive aftercare? These are all important questions that you need to consider the answers to.

We sleep well at night, safe in the knowledge that we treat everyone in the right way. Our staff are empowered with trust and our suppliers are treated with respect, and together we care about you, the client. It’s because of these basic values that our clients receive the added value that’s so hard to find in businesses today.                           

We’ve put together 11 (yes, it’s Spinal Tap inspired) tips for a successful office fit-out. So, read on and then get in touch with us to discuss how we can work with you to achieve a successful office fit-out.

  1. Pick a key stakeholder within your business
    Elect an internal person (or small team) that can drive and manage the project from start to finish.

  2. Choose the right fit-out partner (obviously this will be Amarelle)
    Pick a partner with a vast knowledge of the whole process. A partner that can guide you through the legalities (such as lease negotiation, licence to alterations, etc), inspire you creatively and suit the way you work. You’ll be joining into a deep and meaningful relationship, so choose wisely.

  3. Should you stay or should you go?
    Whether you’re looking to refurbish your existing space or move and start afresh, think carefully about your future plans and if that involves growth make sure you think ahead.

  4. Plan, plan and plan again
    Don’t lose track of time, plan for the whole journey and remember that you don’t have as much time as you think. Engaging with a principal designer (now a legal requirement) at an early stage is a smart move. Make sure your deadlines are realistic and don’t risk disrupting busy periods in your business calendar, especially when thinking about your business service providers as this element has the potential to delay your moving date in a big way! Thankfully, our Project Management team would be there to assist and advise from an early stage.

  5. Set a budget
    How much money is in the pot? Think about every detail. This is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself so be realistic. Even if the budget is modest it’s possible to make it work and achieve a fantastic end result.

  6. If it ain’t broke…
    Find out what works in your brand and keep hold of it. Make sure it’s not lost in the new design scheme. It’s great to start afresh, but that doesn’t mean forgetting who you are or where you came from.

  7. Get inspired
    What have you seen that you like? Look online, offline, at competitors and at yourself as a brand. We live in an age where we’re exposed to so much, so take full advantage of it to get the most from this opportunity.

  8. Staff engagement
    Who are the influencers in your team? Who will inspire the team and help them embrace change and accept their new space? Keep the key influencers involved during the key decision making processes, but also involve the employees that struggle with change and turn them into project champions. These people hold the key to helping you achieve and deliver a successful fit-out.

  9. Spring clean
    Use this as an opportunity to shred (office pun, sorry) things that you no longer need. These can be physical things or intangible systems and processes that no longer have a place.

  10. Dilapidations
    Commercial dilapidation clauses demand that you give your space back as you took it. Make sure your fit-out partner has this in hand as it’s something that’s often overlooked. If this sounds scary, don’t worry, we can talk you through it.

  11. Party!
    So, the final tip… Once it’s done, shout about it and have a party!

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