New starter

When starting a new job, I’m sure everyone has experienced mixed feelings of excitement and trepidation? Please say yes!

For me, this is the case and alongside the sense of achievement in landing a great job with a company that shows all the signs of being a great place to work, I’m finding myself waking up before my alarm each morning with a feeling of doubt… Can I be a success within this role and will I fit in?!

Reassuringly, the answer is yes. With the right attitude and a little knowledge (of your potentially new industry) it is possible to learn, grow and succeed. But, to do so you need to be assured by the support and transferable knowledge of your new team. And, more basic than that, how you’re treated. This can set the tone of an employee’s entire future from a ubiquitous viewpoint.

The true test of a company’s employee ethos becomes rapidly clear once you’re in! From the outside, a company can mask its true intentions. As Richard Branson said, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees they will take care of the clients”. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

I’m now a couple of weeks into my new role and I’ve been really impressed with how the employees are treated and in turn, how that wholesome approach filters through to the customer service within the organisation.

Fundamentally, life is about building lasting and harmonious relationships and this should be echoed in every aspect of everything we do.

I still have my ‘new starter’ insecurities but I’m confident that I can succeed! How? By building relationships.

Vivid Imagination