New starter (mini edition)

This week marked the end of a chapter and the start of another for a few individuals within the Amarelle team. These three individuals aren’t technically employees but they do link to members within the team. They are of course, their children!

Thousands of households have this week pulled out the box fresh black shoes and crisp white polo shirts and flooded our primary schools with the next generation of workers! I’m sure that the one universal concern has been the wellbeing of these little people and so it should be, but what about the wellbeing of the big people? Are they being supported through this time? In short, this depends on the flexibility of the employer and I’m sure that there are employers who have loosened their grip on employees’ timesheets but I’m pretty sure that there are more that haven’t.

As a company, Amarelle design and build workplaces that help increase wellbeing (an increase of 82% based on our recent client survey) and are doing so from a place of understanding, but in honesty it’s the ethos of the company that holds the main tools to build lasting employee wellbeing. Since joining in June of this year, I’ve been consistently unnerved by the constant authenticity of the company’s ethos towards staff wellbeing and this week has proven to be one of my most pleasurable weeks in employment to date. I feel very lucky and can honestly say that Amarelle really do practice what they preach.

I’ve not only had the opportunity (and privilege) to walk my daughter to school on her first day, but every day after too. And, on Thursday after her morning ‘settling in’ session I picked her up and she came into the office for the afternoon and played with my colleague’s little boy who was also a 'new starter'. The busy office was immersed in laughter, crumbs and unlidded felt tip pens but it felt good and there was a sense of wellbeing that filled the air. At least, I thought there was! Ha!

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