We've got a new home!

It’s with great fanfare, that we can announce that we’ve moved into our home! Our brand spanking new office and showroom is at long last in operation. To celebrate the occasion, and the fact that we’ve also just turned the ripe old age of 10, we had a bit of a party at the new premises.

Supported by friends, suppliers, colleagues and clients, and sustained by wood-fired pizza (cooked on the premises) and a selection of delicious Italian mezze, the prosecco flowed all night. The neon lights from the DJ booth lit the smiling faces of Amarelle’s finest and with plenty of chat, food, drink and laughter, it was a chance to let loose after an incredible effort by the whole team to design and then build our beautiful new location at 1 Brunswick Square.

These new offices showcase the very best efforts of our incredible team’s talents, and thanks to the addition of a showroom we’re now able to physically show potential clients just what we’re capable of. 

So, if you’re wondering if your business could benefit from an office as unique as ours, why not drop by the showroom and see what we can do? 

Vivid Imagination