Through the Keyhole!

As a designer, designing for a team that specialise in Design and Fit Out is no easy task. You’re constantly immersed in an Aladdin’s cave of textures, a rainbow of colours and seductive fabrics.

How can you possibly control yourself whilst maintaining brand identity and values, when to you, you’re pretty much a kid in a sweetie shop?

Firstly, it’s important to establish what you’re trying to achieve and for us it was a fresh, uplifting space that brought personality and vibrancy to our working environment. It’s a space that reflects our individuality with Amarelle at the heart of our showroom and office. Rich tones anchor the space, centred on our tea point and informal meeting areas which enable us to collaborate, invigorate and socialise, whilst the lighter perimeter space tempers our working area creating harmony and balance. Pockets of supporting spaces pepper the work floor to encourage ad-hoc conversations and a chance to escape the busy, convivial surroundings for those all important heads-down tasks.

Our office is an immersive experience where the lines of showroom and work space blur, which makes for an ever moving piece of art that makes for an exciting place to work and visit.

Charlotte Raynes