Date 04/03/19

Alex joined to head up the project's team. Now well settled in we decided to ask him a few questions.

  1. Open plan or focus space? Open plan for the atmosphere, but with areas you can go to concentrate and get some peace and quiet
  2. Pub or wine bar? Pub please!
  3. What’s your favourite music genre? 60’s Soul or Hip Hop
  4. What’s your favourite building?  St Peters Basilica in Rome.   In Bristol I’d have to say The Old Granary (Loch Fyne building). 
  5. What iconic piece of furniture do you wish you could have in your home? Chesterfield Wing Back arm chair
  6. What’s your ultimate design classic (could be anything!)? Aston Martin DB5 or Porsche 356
  7. What are the tools of the trade for your role? Microsoft Excel, Laptop, Scale Ruler – all the exciting things
  8. What’s your biggest work-related mistake and what did you learn from it?  Not writing things down means I forget, so I always write things down to remind myself!  I would also say to never assume.  Ensure clear and consistent communication throughout, never overlook the detail. 
  9. Which decade do you wish you’d been around for? 60’s for the music but I’d love to have been able to see Bristol in the 1600’s.
  10. Who is your inspiration? My Dad
  11. Tell us something about yourself that we wouldn’t know? I am a bird nerd 
  12. What is your guiltiest pleasure? Ornithology
  13. What would your super power be? To be able to fly
  14. How would you spend 24 hours in Bristol? Grab a Yo bike and go on a pub/food tour all day and all night starting at the Cottage Inn or Pump House.   
  15. If you could do any job besides the one you do now, what would it be? Pro Surfer
  16. Top tip for a healthy mind after a busy day in the office? Exercise in the winter, go for post work drinks in the summer followed by a steady bike ride home.

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