Date 04/03/19

Carl knows commercial interiors like the back of his hand. We sat him down with a coffee to find out more about him.

  1. Open plan or focus space? I love working in an Open plan office however, I also think its really important to have the ability to work flexibly with various different environments and spaces. (choice and control)
  2. Pub or wine bar? Wine Bar every time!
  3. What’s your favourite music genre? I really enjoy Reggae
  4. Your favourite building? The Gherkin - It was opened in April 2004 With 41 floors and stands 180 metres tall. The building was constructed by Skanska, I love sitting on the 41st floor and having dinner and drinks.
  5. What iconic piece of furniture do you wish you could have in your home? I love the designer Timothy Oulton, I can’t pick just one, I love it all!
  6. What’s your ultimate design classic (could be anything!)? all things Mulberry
  7. What are the tools of the trade for your role? As Sales Manager there are lots of different elements to my role, a genuine passion for work place design Is essential and the ability to advise, support and guide clients throughout the design and build process.
  8. Which decade do you wish you’d been around for? Good question… I’m an old soul however, if I was given a choice to start again I wouldn’t change a thing!
  9. Who is your inspiration? A very dear friend of mine, Damien, has always inspired me to be the best possible person that I can be in my career and personal life.
  10. Tell us something about yourself that we wouldn’t know? I once modelled men’s wear for a high-end department store’s website.
  11. What is your guiltiest pleasure? McDonalds chicken selects (5 piece)… I just can’t stop myself!
  12. What would your super power be? I would love to be psychic! And look into the future.
  13. How would you spend 24 hours in Bristol? Shopping followed by cocktails at Harvey Nichols then up to Clifton for dinner.
  14. If you could do any job besides the one you do now, what would it be? That’s easy… I would be the head of Mulberry
  15. Top tip for a healthy mind after a busy day in the office? I enjoy walking the dog on an evening and reflecting on the day, it’s also important to celebrate all achievements big or small. 

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