Brand, recruitment, retention, productivity – a well-designed office interior fit-out will bring all kinds of benefits to your business.



A fit-out that works for you

Amarelle is a design-led business and we love designing and fitting office interiors that look fantastic. But there’s a lot more to creative design than how it looks…

First, we need to understand you, your organisation and your brand. Our expert designers will set out to discover what your core values are, how you work and what makes you tick.

Then they’ll develop a new look and feel for your workspace that inspires your team, impresses your clients and embodies the ethos of your company.


The value of great design

We’ll work with you to come up with an office design and décor approach that will enhance all round productivity and efficiency.

A well-designed office fit-out will help improve the health and wellbeing of your employees, boosting morale while lowering absenteeism and reducing sick days.

If it’s appropriate, we can carry out a utilisation survey across your workspace. This will help us determine the most efficient allocation of desks, meeting rooms, focus and social areas. When square footage is at a premium, it can really help your bottom line.


Bespoke office design service

At the beginning of your project, you’ll be allocated a designer who will remain with you throughout the process.

They’ll manage your design consultation, working closely with you and collaborating with our creative team to deliver a concept that will blow you away.

Great office design doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Give us a budget and we’ll work in partnership with you to create an exciting office interior that’s on the money, and that makes you smile.