Thanks to desk utilisation survey and space planning exercise, Future Publishing was able to free up an entire floor to let out, reducing its overheads significantly.

Following that initial space planning exercise, we were appointed to complete a full desk utilisation survey, which was carried out over the course of a week. Our analysis showed that utilisation was actually around 60% of the desks in situ. Using this information we were able to design a space using agile working solutions and hot desking, which allowed the business to occupy less space while still providing an exceptional working environment.

The scheme was an ideal opportunity to refurbish, refresh and rationalise as the current offices were looking a little tired and in need of some TLC. A complete new furniture solution was provided using bench desking systems to allow for greater flexibility. More ad hoc meeting spaces and collaborative zones were included to provide touch down areas where journalists or other team members could work for short periods, freeing up desk spaces for those with permanent office functions.

The works were completed while the client was still fully in occupation of the space, and our site management team planned a phased approach to the works allowing for relocation of staff while works took place and removal of all rubbish and old furniture. Each floor was refurbished in turn leaving the second floor vacant, completely updated with new LED lighting, flooring and redecoration ready to be marketed to new tenants. Amarelle were also able to provide photo-realistic representations of how the space would look in order to aid the marketing of the space once the works were completed. Future now have a bright, creative space which reflects the diversity of their publications and the dynamic nature of their workforce.




23,000 sq/ft


Refurbishment & fit-out