With rising real estate costs, trying to make a space work harder without compromising on a healthy working environment has always proved difficult for large organisations.

The company needed a space for staff in the heart of the city, with a flexible and slick décor scheme to impress members of the public and inspire team members.

Having worked with Local World in the past, we collaborated with key stakeholders to research comprehensive workplace analysis reports, enabling our client to make informed design choices when they consolidated their offices while increasing the head-count at the same time.

Amarelle designed a a hot-desking solution with small, individual touch down spaces for sales people and vistors to work from. A number of individual offices and meeting spaces were created within the period property and an acoustic folding wall was installed to make these as flexible as possible.

A bright new breakout space was provided with iPads installed, allowing staff to keep up to date with breaking news. New digital wall coverings were designed by our in-house design team, mixing local imagery and corporate branding to generate a warm and inviting working environment.

Polaroid-style photos of were displayed in the entrance area to help welcome visitor, and meeting rooms were deliberately installed to the rear of the main office areas to encourage clients to experience the buzz of the newsroom as they journeyed through the space.

Using our knowledge of space standards and the desires of the staff, we updated the way the office is used with a hot desking in order to fulfil the brief while maintaining an excellent working environment for the staff.




14,000 sq/ft


Design & fit-out