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Our leading designers, technicians, project managers and surveyors will make yours work for you. Talk to us about what you need from Amarelle's office and work space design, fit out, refurbishment, dilapidation, furniture supply and installation services.

Benefits of Office Design

Design and planning to inspire your staff and clients.

Your work environment - like your home environment - is important to get right. A well-designed space will inspire and engage your staff (and your customers!), increasing positivity and productivity in your office.

Our team will create designs to maximise the potential of your working environment and reflect your business goals and visions in ways you may not have imagined yourself.

Let our industry-leading expert designers inspire you…

Design that works for you


Design & Plan

Build & Fit

Design and furnishing to enhance your inner business beauty.

You need an office design that fits with and enhances your business brand and vision. Our designers understand this and will bring out the bespoke best in your work space.

We also understand how to use space efficiently to give you the optimum layout for your people, your processes and your equipment. We can talk to employees to see what they need from their office space too and collate the research for you.

A beautifully and creatively designed space will impress new recruits and clients alike, encourage positivity and productivity in your office and change working lives for the better - priceless to your business and welfare!

Some of our work

One word... Painless!

Steve Jackson, MD - Astula Ltd.

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