Workplace Consulting

By thoroughly understanding you and your organisation, we’ll design an office environment that’s happy, healthy and productive.



It’s good to talk

Before we can think about your new office design, we’ll get to know you and your organisation. Who are you as a group of people? How do you work, and how do you unwind? What do you stand for?

Amarelle will discover all of this and more through a workplace consultation that will also explore your brand and your core values.

We might even challenge you along the way, and it’s important that we do. That way we can come up with an office interior that fits your identity, and that will last.


How you use your space

If it’s appropriate, we can carry out a full utilisation survey as part of your workplace consultation, providing you with detailed information on how your office space is actually being used. Is an agile office design right for you?

By compiling data on desk, meeting room, kitchen, social and greeting area usage, we’ll be able to give you empirical advice on the most efficient allocation of desk, flexible and focus work areas.

An Amarelle utilisation survey usually leads to an interior design that improves productivity and reduces overheads. You’ll be surprised by the results.


A happier team

We believe in designing healthy office environments for people, and an Amarelle consultation will always consider wellbeing in the workplace.

Ergonomics, lighting, accessibility, air quality, hydration and nutrition are all factors in this, along with providing the right amount of social space in order to promote cohesion and collaboration.

Amarelle has built up vast expertise in the area of biophilic design – the practice of bringing nature into the workplace. It’s proven to reduce stress and absenteeism, while improving productivity.